Infrastructure Owners

Efficient management of telecommunication infrastructure ensures the long term viability of assets and optimises revenue potential from telecommunication services.

A robust site inspection programme to assess the current condition of network assets provides base data for planning, costing and prioritising future investment.

An audit of site equipment enables the review and update of inventory records.

Corearth’s knowledge and experience can help organisations deliver a coordinated strategy to achieve business objectives.


Building Property Managers

Responsibility for ongoing management of rooftop installations and the control of associated risks often rests with the building property manager.

Determining the ownership and operational status of communication equipment is challenging. Corearth technicians will audit and collate equipment information, assess rooftop access controls and relevant RF EME signage.


Municipal Councils

Council owned/managed water towers are often used to support a wide variety of communication equipment. As Council’s property officer:

  • Do you know what communication equipment is installed?
  • Do you know who owns the equipment and are they operating within the confines of the original lease agreement?


Effective site management is critical to achieving a desired return on investment.

Corearth’s combined experience and knowledge will ensure telecommunication equipment on site is managed in a manner that meets long-term investment strategies.

Site Inspection and Audit Capabilities

  • Confirmation of asset inventory and ownership
  • Verification of site access restrictions and RF signage
  • Site equipment audit and confirmation of antenna configuration
  • Audit of equipment rack
  • Assessment of surrounding areas for potential environmental impact
  • Review of earthing and lightning protection systems

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