The  Renewable Energy Target  requires that 20 per cent of Australia’s electricity be produced from  renewable energy  sources by the year  2020.

Wind farms are typically located on unobstructed regions of hilltops to increase their exposure to the wind. Similarly, telecommunication installations are also located on high points to facilitate better coverage in the area surrounding the installation. The transmitting or receiving of electromagnetic signals such as radio, television, microwave communication and radar (radio waves) from these installations may be affected by the wind turbines through either obstruction or reflection.

During the planning stage, careful consideration must be given to the potential impact the wind farm design may have on local communication links.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Assessment Report

In undertaking an EMI assessment, Corearth can provide:

  • the accurate identification and location of all licenced communication installations by cross referencing industry radio communication databases to validate data.
  • validation of ACMA radcomm license assignments – the assignment of a license does not imply that a transmit/receive device has actually been installed on-site.
  • consultation with radio and television companies, telecommunication network owners, utility and relevant state emergency service operators to confirm data.
  • a thorough review of each installation to identify all signals – both transmit and receive.
  • the identification of all dwellings with the potential to experience interference to television reception.
  • site visits and tower climbing to resolve data anomalies and confirm desktop database reviews.
  • Fresnel zone calculations.
  • radio frequency (RF) field measurement survey – baseline testing and post-construction monitoring.
  • implementation and management of any necessary mitigation strategies.

With over 50 years combined experience in assessing and managing the impact of cumulative electromagnetic energy emitted from telecommunication installations, and with an extensive network of industry contacts, Corearth is well placed to deliver an EMI assessment to support your wind farm proposal.

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On-Site Validation of Database Information

The validity of a desktop analysis of database records assumes that information in the database is accurate.

To minimise the risk of relying on database information that is inaccurate, Corearth site audit technicians can conduct an on-site review of assets and infrastructure then reconcile this against database records. Such efforts will help establish the authenticity and accuracy of database information and provide a more robust foundation for assessing the true impact of a wind farm development on existing communication assets.