Our Company

Corearth’s history dates back to 2002 when the business was established to provide consultancy services and develop software tools to predict electromagnetic emissions for the telecommunications industry.

In-house development led to commercial release of the ‘RadPro’ electromagnetic emissions (EME) prediction software tool in 2003 providing Corearth with a product capable of delivering complex analysis, prediction and reporting solutions for radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic emissions on and around radio telecommunication structures and building rooftop installations. Importantly, and in accordance with World Health Organisation (WHO) requirements, this technology was capable of simultaneously calculating the impact of accumulative emissions from all antennas on a site.

National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accreditation in 2004 to the inspection standard AS/NZS ISO/IEC 17020 awarded Corearth signatory status and the authority to prepare and issue site compliance certificates and associated radio communication site management book (RCSMB) documents in accordance with the requirements of the ARPANSA RPS3 Standard that nominates limits for human exposure to RF fields in Australia.

Corearth’s ensuing experience in producing site compliance documentation led to the establishment of ongoing working partnerships with many telecommunication network owners and operators, both locally and internationally, in the provision of site assessment services.

To meet increasing needs, Corearth introduced field audit services for site data capture and reporting, asset condition assessments and RF site measurement surveying and reporting.

Performance enhancements and extended capabilities in EME modelling within RadPro led to the launch in 2007 of ProX5 EME. Significantly faster than its predecessor and with integrated 3D drawing tools and built-in site document creation, the ProX5 modelling tool quickly gained acceptance with existing and new customers.

An increasing need for telecommunication network owners to achieve financial, regulatory and risk management objectives for network assets led to the development and release in 2010 of PlusPoint for Telecommunications – an asset information management system specifically designed for the industry.

In 2012, Corearth achieved third party certification to the AS/NZS 4801 and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Standards as evidence of a commitment to safety and the well-being of staff and stakeholders.

To provide a broader range of EME assessment services, in 2013 Corearth achieved NATA accreditation to the testing and calibration standard AS ISO/IEC 17025. In reaching this milestone, Corearth can now conduct RF EME measurements and deliver a NATA-endorsed assessment report on test results.

In 2015, Corearth continue to maintain contracts with and provide an extensive range of EME assessment services and software solutions to local and international telecommunication network owners and operators, with utility providers and government agencies and with major design and construction companies operating in the telecommunication space.